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M.A.D - Making A Difference

Ethical Workshops

8.1.2 works with communities and small businesses to help create sustainability in areas where opportunity is scarce, but talent is abundant.

812 in India

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PuraVida Foundation

Founded in 2005, the PuraVida Foundation (meaning Pure Life in Spanish) is a registered charity in Canada, concentrating on some of the most desperate areas of Latin America. 

Pura Vida Foundation


At 8.1.2 we believe this collaboration with PuraVida Foundation will not only foster a great relationship but lead the way to a bright, hopeful and sustainable future for the young impoverished women of Peru.

Since 2009, the shelter has been mentoring, educating and giving these amazing young women the family they have been robbed of for most of their lives. PuraVida Foundation is proudly supporting every young woman that steps through their doors with an education and a chance to go to university.

Pura Vida Foundation

PuraVida also works hard to improve health care in some of the most impoverished areas in Peru. Check out Ricardo’s story.


PuraVida Foundation

Get in touch with Nathan Beninger, founder of the Pura Vida Foundation. Follow PuraVida on Facebook.